If it lives in the soil, we dig it!

Our goal is to discover the impacts of environmental change and land management, on soil ecology in real-world settings.

PODCAST: Hannah Thwaites speaks with the Biology Society of South Australia about fostering community resilience from the home garden, in the context of a changing climate. To read more about our urban agriculture research, click here.

Carbon valorisation is a rapidly growing area of research.
In agriculture, carbon valorisation refers to creating and recognising the economic value of carbon sequestered in agricultural systems, including that from associated co-benefits.

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Want to learn more about the benefits of under-vine cover crops in vineyards? Check out Dr Tom Line’s latest video above. You can also learn more about this Wine Australia funded research here. And be sure to watch this space, as there will be more videos coming soon!
View Isobel Hume’s prize winning 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) video on Urban Agriculture above. You can learn more about Urban Agriculture here.

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