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Carbon valorisation is a rapidly growing area of research. In agriculture, carbon valorisation refers to creating and recognising the economic value of carbon sequestered in agricultural systems, including that from associated co-benefits.

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3-Minute Thesis success!

Soil Science Australia encourages and recognises excellence in soil science through a variety of awards, which recognise a range of contributions to soil science, communication and policy.

This year, the 3-Minute Thesis submitted by PhD candidate Kate Matthews was announced as Soil Science Australia’s winner for South Australia.


Some cities allow food waste to be put into the green bin – what happens next? (ft. Dr Matt Salomon)


Fennel looking a bit feeble? Growing enough veggies to feed yourself depends on these 3 things (ft. Isobel Hume, Dr Matt Salomon & Prof. Tim Cavagnaro)




Are our soils healthy enough to grow our own food? (ft. Dr Matt Salomon & Prof. Tim Cavagnaro)


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