Prospective PhD students

Australians & New Zealanders can apply for a number of PhD scholarships; please contact Tim for further details. You will need to have a First Class honours degree, or equivalent, to be competitive for these scholarships.

International students can apply for a range of scholarships, but should contact Tim to discuss this in advance of applying for a scholarship. Students with a Masters degree and a publication in an international journal are more likely to be successful in scholarship application rounds. There are also a number of scholarships available from the Australian government (e.g. http://www.australiaawardsafrica.org./).

Prospective honours students

I generally take on 1-2 honours students each year. Please contact me for further details

Prospective Post-docs

In addition to applying for advertised  postdoctoral positions in my laboratory (when available), there are a number of opportunities for high-quality PhD graduates to apply for competitive fellowships to join my group.
Firstly, the Australian Research Council (ARC) operates several postdoctoral fellowship schemes (e.g. DECRA). In addition, depending on where you are from, there are several international postdoctoral fellowships that can be hosted by the soil ecology lab (e.g. US- National Science Foundation, Canada- NSERC, Europe- Marie Curie Fellowship, Sweden- Swedish Research Council, Switzerland- Swiss National Science Foundation, Netherlands, Norway- The Research Council of Norway, and several others).