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The Soil Ecology Research Group seeks to discover the impacts of environmental change and management on soil ecological processes. A key theme in our research is undertaking high quality fundamental and applied research that can be used by policy makers to make informed decisions. Our research involves a number of projects in two main areas:

  • Fundamental soil ecology: linking microbial diversity to ecosystem function. This includes our work on molecular ecology and the role of microbes in releasing nutrients from organic matter.
  • The role of soil microbes in making available, and delivering nutrients, to plants. This includes our work on mycorrhizas.

Research outcomes are used to address issues of national and international significance. Spanning the science-policy interface is therefore an important theme in our research.

Profile: PhD project

The PhD research of Jess Mackay was recently featured in a publication of the SA No-Till Farmers Association. You can read the full story here.


Good news: poster prize

Olivia Cousins won the student poster prize at the National Soils conference held in New Zealand last week. Olivia’s poster, which included co-authors from The University of Adelaide, The University of Nottingham and The Plant Accelerator, was one of approx. 100 posters presented at the conference. You can learn more about Olivia’s research here, and about the joint University of Adelaide-University of Nottingham PhD program she is a part of here.